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Unified Communication Create Adaptive Workspaces.

Unified Communications from Cisco combines all forms of business communications into a single, unified system that provides powerful new ways to collaborate. Cisco Unified Communications network uses the same infrastructure for voice, video and data. This means one cable drop provides versatile connections for your phones and your network.

Unified Communication

Integrate Applications

Integrate Cisco Unified Communications with other industry-leading applications so that workers can collaborate in real time using their favourite tools and applications.

Accelerate Decision Making

Use unified communications, instant messaging, and rich media services, to improve productivity and ensure that information reaches the right person right away.

Innovate Across the Value Chain

Embed unified communications capabilities into business applications to transform business processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Collaborate Across Any Workspace

Create secure unified communications systems that help co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers collaborate more effectively.

Cisco Unified Contact Center

Cisco Unified Contact Center is an integral component of the Cisco Unified Communications system – offers an integrated, full-featured solution for managing customer contacts with all the benefits of the converged Cisco Unified IP Telephony architecture.
Cisco Unified Contact Center helps customers move into the next phase of customer contact – beyond today’s contact centre to a Customer Interaction Network, a distributed, IP-based customer-service infrastructure that comprises a continuously evolving suite of innovative, multi-channel services and customer-relationship-management (CRM) applications. These services and applications provide premium responsiveness and streamlined customer exchanges to help your organization deliver superior customer service.
A Customer Interaction Network extends customer-service capabilities across the entire organization, giving your business a more integrated and collaborative approach to customer satisfaction and leading to better customer experiences.


IP Telephony

IP Telephony is part of the Unified Communications System. The IP Telephony maintenance costs are lower compared to PBX phone systems because trained network technicians are able to maintain both voice and data systems. Employees favour IP Telephony as it offers better tools to archive Voice Mail, manage phone calls, and track faxes. Faxes and voice mail can be retrieved from any secure internet connection in the world. Additional applications allow for seamless integration with CRMs and call-tracking enhancing employee management and performance.

Network Partners