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Pallet Labelling System

APL 8000

Self-adhesive label real time Print & Apply System designed and produced fulfilling all requirements for EAN/UCC- 128 Application Identification Standards and GS1 International pallet labelling recommendations. Printing and application are carried out automatically and effectively turning into a high profitability equipment. Due to its flexibility easily adapts when variable data label printing and application is needed in half speed situations. The APL 8000 Series allows the integration of the printing engine you want, we offer complete printing freedom with the best print engines in the market: DATAMAX, SATO or Zebra, from 203 to 300 dpi. Controlled by a PLC, APL8000 can easily be adapted to all packaging lines using synchronisation and guided alarm signals. Easily configurable due to its versatility can be connected to any information system: Windows, UNIX AS/400, PC, etc. and ERP environments.


APL-ELV 8000

Print and apply systems allows variable height pallet labelling automatically. Users may select single or multiple panel labelling at irregular predefined heights or place the system at the desiderated heigh manually. The system reaches from a minimum of 33.07in up to 98.42 in maximum height. Its electrically controlled reductor motor permits the print and apply system move at a high speed assuring a superior labelling cadence. By being equipped with auto=break guarantees its complete trustworthiness and an accurate label placement. These systems are available with high quality print engines manufactured by Datamax, Zebra or Sato; together with its highly developed hoist ground column turns it into and unique equipment in the market capable of covering all actual and future pallet labelling needs.

Main Industries for UBS Solutions

Agricultural Product (Baked Goods, Confectionery, Pastries, Cereals, Canned Goods).

  • Beverages and dairy products.
  • Fresh foods (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish).

Pharmaceuticals and Consumer goods

  • Personal care and household products.
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


  • Automotive
  • Construction materials.
  • Chemical products
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