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Unified Communication, IP Telephony and Call Center Solutions

Optimal Collaboration with Seamless Integration.

Effective communication and customer service play a critical role in the success of businesses in today’s fast-paced corporate landscape. That’s why our IP Telephony and Call Center Solutions, including cloud based call center software and managed ip telephony services, stand out as the best options to support your company’s growth.

At the core of our solutions is Cisco Unified Communications Manager, unifying company communication within a single system that transforms the way teams work together. Cisco unified communications manager simplifies and reduces costs for your network by leveraging the same infrastructure for data, video, and voice. This means your phones and network can seamlessly connect with just one cable drop, creating a more adaptive workspace for your team. Our unified solutions, both cloud and software-based, ensure your communication needs are met efficiently.

Unified Communication

Integrate Applications

Integrate Cisco Unified Communications with other industry-leading applications so that workers can collaborate in real time using their favourite tools and applications.

Accelerate Decision Making

Use unified communications, instant messaging, and rich media services, to improve productivity and ensure that information reaches the right person right away.

Innovate Across the Value Chain

Embed unified communications capabilities into business applications to transform business processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Collaborate Across Any Workspace

Create secure unified communications systems that help co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers collaborate more effectively.

Cisco Unified Contact Center

Cisco Unified Contact Center, a fundamental component of our call center solutions, offers a comprehensive approach to managing client interactions. Utilizing the advantages of the converged Cisco Unified IP Telephony architecture facilitates your company’s transition to the future of customer contact. The Customer Interaction Network, a Cloud-based, distributed customer-service infrastructure, continuously evolves with modern, multi-channel services and CRM applications. This translates to improved client experiences and heightened customer service, with faster exchanges and enhanced responsiveness.


IP Telephony

Incorporating managed IP Telephony services, our unified communications solutions significantly reduce maintenance costs compared to traditional PBX phone systems. Trained network experts efficiently manage both data and voice systems, ensuring your network operates seamlessly. Your employees will appreciate the extensive capabilities, including voice mail archiving, call management, and fax tracking, all accessible from any location with a secure internet connection. Furthermore, our IP Telephony and Call Center Solutions enhance staff performance and management through seamless integration with CRMs and call-tracking systems. Embrace these managed solutions to elevate your company’s communication and customer service to new heights.

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