Enterprise Network Solution

Professional Enterprise Network Solution. Turning Technology in Latest Way! We Deliver the Cutting-Edge Solution to Our Clients… Al Mutlaq United deliver enterprise network solutions which is a consulting services that enable our dedicated clients to achieve their business objectives through interacting with information technology. Our mission statement describe that a leader who providing innovative, efficient and effective solutions to their clients or customers by transforming the whole problem compress into few steps with the flexible way possible.


Cloud Based Services:

Its reduces the overwhelming IT cost, provision resources apply to the business.


VMware Services:

VMware can provide more benefit to Enterprise network solution


Citrix Delivery Center Solution:

Services providing to Citrix delivery center.

Enterprise Asset Management Solution (EAMS)

Are you searching for Enterprise Asset Management Solution (EAMS) for boost your businesses with agile and lean? Then you need the optimistic and futuristic ready-made solution to retain the power.Get explore our Enterprise Asset Management Program for enabling the planning part, managing, organizing and maintaining for all your assets on a cloud solution and mobile platform.Which industry is more preferable for EAMS:

  • Rental Equipment’s
  • Power Industry.
  • Manufacturer.
  • Aviation

Rugged Computing for Mobile Mission

All the deploy force rely on the rugged computing devices with the latest equipment’s, processing and storing the huge amount of data to bring the impressive capabilities to accomplish the mission.

Who can easily use these devices?

  • Battlefield Communication
  • Iot on Tablets
  • Mobile Data Center
  • COTS mobile based data center

Unified Communications Create Adaptive Workspaces

Offering complete unified communication which can adapt the whole workspaces, from the combination of cisco where all the forms of business communicate in a single manner, the state of unified system which is more powerful with new ways to collaborate. Cisco is a unified communication network uses for the big infrastructure, video and big data usage. It means that cabling drops providing versatile connections for your mobility, and phones and your whole network.

  • Collaborate across any workspace
  • Accelerate the core decision maker
  • Integrate the application
  • Innovative ideas which is more valuable

IP Telephony:

Where it enables?

IP Telephony is a main part of unified communication system. The IP telephony is use for maintenance the costs which are low compared to PBX phone system because it is trained networking technicians who are able to maintain both on voice and data communication system.

Cisco Unified Contact Center

Cisco unified the contact call centers help for customers, which is the most integral components of the cisco unified communication software. It has full featured solution for managing the customer contacts with all the advantages of the converged cisco implement.

Video Conferencing Solutions

This is our additional solution, a video conferencing services to our premises customer, Al Mutlaq United now delivers customized video conferencing solutions to esteem the need of customers. So get rid of any sort of hassle around for the limiting yourself on timing, scheduling and planning to meeting on the come at your place and availing our whole desirable packages.What features behind on our video conferencing solutions?

  • Desktop sharing solution
  • Recording and transferring the file
  • Secure server virus free solution
  • Cross—platform capability.
  • Meeting scheduler installed
  • Virtual whiteboard over touchscreen devices
  • Secure communication system where it’s over AES256 encryption
  • Server deployment is totally secure and cloud base server
  • Get more company branding

Warehouse Management System

Al Mutlaq United drives business growth with industry-specific software system for manufacturing, retail, distribution, and services customers. Our warehouse management software is a system for better automating and managing warehouse and fulfillment operations. Key Features:
  • Incorporates fully-integrated system capabilities like SCM
  • Complete management, control, and visibility of all logistics and SCM operations
  • Absolute WMS, inventory control, task and load management, interactive real-time management and finite bin and package definitions of activities and consumption
  • Inbound and outbound  tracking, pick planning, order pack-out, consolidated picking, carton packing, cross-docking, and much more….

Sales Force Field Automation Software

Meet the new and latest hassle free AI based with personal assistance service sales force field automation software which is fully cloud base, we also offer you get free demo for the testing of software. Al Mutlaq United offering the sales force software with event and data solution which drives to add you teams more productivity. Task automation and assign the right employees to get the right job which is based on the skill set, location or team performances. Also enabling the one to one communication between manage all of your team, and save your cost and time, also implement emails and phone calls data. Key Features:
  • Intelligent Personal Assistant with AI
  • Automated With own workflows
  • Data driven Actionable Insights
  • Award winning For the UX and Delivery
  • Lead Routing Go 10x with Smart Routing
  • People focused Increase team’s productivity


Personal Assistant with AI

computer (3)


With own workflows


Data driven

Actionable Insights


Award winning

For the UX and Delivery


Lead Routing

Go 10x with Smart Routing


People focused

Increase team’s productivity

Image Processing Solution

Our core image data processing and video analysis services, as a team of expert engineers do that with face complexion challenges and bring you the complete vision of life

Security and More Surveillances

With a techniques are more vital for the security and intelligence purposes. In secure analytics it’s directly to the scene and recognition of reconstruction. Analyzing on tracking, object, visualization, input data processing, virtual reality work, and their classification. Offering the best image data processing solution and face recognition.
  • Object tracking
  • Auto number plate recognize system
  • Secure thief detector and more.

Academic Research Center

In Academic Center it enabling the superior methodology to interpret the core advantages for human and environments. Developing solution with multiple challenges, video and image analyzing applicable for defending, infrastructure, educational sector, public sectors, and more application.
  • 3d positioning
  • Industrial vision
  • Active real time
  • Image fraud detector
  • Object counting and tracking
  • Advance hardware for image processing

Fleet / Transport Management Software

Al Mutlaq United, A fleet management software – implement better module and integrated features to serve better projects. We have a complete panel for driver, super-admin, and used separately. Manage complete information from one place to another, better performance and quick response system which will be more effective for your business.

Now Fleet Management Got Simple

Our fleet software takes the complex task and collecting all the data transform it into a useful manner which affects your business. e.g: customer needs to understand the route of that place and software give complete information related to the place and advice for the better route.

Scalable & Reliable Solution

Comes with all the sizes, nothing to worry about, thus all we have built the core software foundation. This is a powerful tool which generates new opportunities for the savings and growth for the businesses.Get the high-value fleet management data providing for your business, approved vehicle tracking software which is used for co-operate level and also for small size businesses.

Field Tracking Software

Get Real-time intelligence software with the great learning combination to get optimum result. Ultimately, our system is more proactive according to the need of customer. The kind of services that customer need we have implement in our system.

Three Major things we have to consider in our software:

  • Data Tracking,
  • Estimates,
  • Flexible,

Time Tracking:

We have implement time tracking – one day, one week, and hourly and monthly bases operation, simple to use clock and hours field futures that you can easily access.

Invoice and Payment method:

Integrated invoicing and payment solution in whole system, to reduce the errors.

Customizable Software to fit all your need:

Our core system is really scalable and flexible to meet specified needs of the customer. From whole inventory to the reporting management.

Data Storage Service

Now the technology industry has been moving more advance that using local hard drive storage to a remote server. A cloud server can be stored up to 2 TB or above and we have integrated it on listening songs, watching a movie and more often get storage for your personal website and other stuff because it will be streamed from the live storage server.

These all the things accessible to all your essential data – your document, excel sheets, photos, and digital things save on our server drive.

Scanners, Handheld, and Vehicle-Mounted Terminal Repair Center

Al Mutlaq United delivering the best solution for vehicle-mounted terminal repair solution, a spot point for the vehicle mounted. Worth it because we have an industry expert, a vehicle mount computing which has the robust powers and rugged form factor designed to handle the hard vibration of forklifts, delivery of heavy vehicles and other things.

It’s real-time access, now you can access the data wherever and whenever you want.

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